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comingonstrong-deactivated20120 asked: Reverse racism Jim Crow laws in SA? I lived there since 2002 and honey, there is no such thing. Whatever sources you have have completely distorted the facts and the situation in relation to BEE. Whilst it may not be the most successful implementation of affirmative action (to alleviate the damage cause from a little thing we like to call Apartheid), those who benefit from it the least are poor black people.White people make up less than 10% of the total population with blacks accounting (cont)

almost 80%. When a vast majority of the population of a country has suffered that much injustice and level of equality, laws HAVE to be put in place in order to create a more equal socioeconomic environment. You do NOT understand anything about SA, hipsterizzy. White people in SA still make up the majority of the middle class in the country.